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Benchmark your organization's customer advocacy maturity

From insight to action

Whether you are just getting started on your advocacy journey or feeling your efforts have plateaued, Captivate’s Customer Advocacy Maturity Model ebook published in partnership with Vanilla by Higher Logic provides practical next steps. From actionable insights to real-life examples, we’ve included necessary elements for you to improve and succeed with your advocacy efforts.

Inside The Customer Advocacy Maturity Model ebook, you'll find:

  • Details on the four levels of maturity
  • Deep-dives on the nine indicators on which to assess your maturity
  • Practical action plans for each level and every indicator

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Every interaction your customer has with your brand leads them toward or away from future acts of advocacy. There are three indicators to focus on to create the best advocate experience: Relevance, Benefits, and Engagement.

An advocacy program can create impact across the organization with customer advocates influencing meaningful results for multiple departments. You can measure advocacy impact across three indicators: Outcomes, Brand, and Alignment.

When benchmarking a customer advocacy program, Assessing overall program execution matters. The indicators for measuring program execution include: Technology, Resources, and Budget.