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Platform experts. Practice leaders.
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When it comes to choosing a partner to serve your influitive needs, no other team has more to offer than captivate collective.

Leading the game

Our founders "wrote the book" on advocacy and Influitive best practices. Like...literally.

frontline experts

Our consultants are recognizable practitioners in the CMA space and represent the largest collection of Influitive expertise at a single agency.

Strategy first

Advocacy success. Not platform success. Our goal is always true business impact rather than vendor-specified success metrics.

transferable knowledge

We're not focused on a single platform or program type, allowing us to bring universal best practices into every project.

influitive program administration

Our Influitive program administration is professional, relational and creative. We start by understanding your business priorities, your program audience and what Influitive success looks like for you.

We then build a Collaborative Influitive Execution Plan capturing how the Captivate team will augment and support your program execution in areas such as content planning, member communication, challenge creation, segmentation and personalization, incentives and more.

Influitive strategy services

Whether you're looking for strategy development, program evaluation or a guide-on-the-side, Captivate has you covered.

Influitive Program Plan
Influitive Strategist Packages
Influitive Review & Recommend
Influitive Strategy Sessions

influitive Platform transition services

Just getting started with Influitive or considering a departure? Captivate has helped customers both onboard and offboard from their Influitive platforms.

Evaluation & Platform Recommendation
Vendor Selection Project Manager
Influitive Migration Plan

Captivate Campaigns for Influitive

Looking for next-level Influitive campaign design? Our team helped originate the concept of Influitive campaigns and our mission is to always take the audience experience to the next level. No templated, one-size-fits-all campaigns here. Our Captivate Campaigns are immersive, delightful and focused on driving toward your campaign goals.