The beginner’s Guide to Customer Advocacy

A practical workbook for starting your advocacy journey.

Marketing has changed. Today, companies are spending more and getting fewer results. Why? While marketing has become an endless soundtrack of self-serving messages, people are turning to their social circles to get information they actually trust. This leaves brands scrambling to be heard.

There is a way to break through the sound barrier. By building real relationships with customers and investing in their success, you become a key player in their journey. As these mutually-beneficial relationships grow, their stories become the human extension of a brand that disrupts the white noise.

This is customer advocacy. And, this is how you do it.


Inside A Beginner's Guide to Customer Advocacy you'll find:

  • More than 85 pages of practical advice from the experts at The Captivate Collective
  • 10 pages of templates
  • 16 chapters of content that take you from the basics to the big leagues:
  • The Advocacy Mindset
  • Internal Buy-In
  • Strategy & Program Planning
  • Understanding Advocate Personas
  • Calculating ROI, and much more!

The exploration > motivation > activation > iteration framework is driven in equal parts by your business objectives and your advocate’s needs. Learn how each builds on each other.

Increase program value by finding attachment points to broader initiatives. The Customer Advocacy Blueprint approach helps you ensure alignment to the top-level goals of your business.

Learn how to review, surface and report ​the total value of advocacy​ by mapping advocates activations to business actuals. Show internal stakeholders how far reaching the value of advocacy is.