Advocacy Management
for Parental Leave (AMPL)

Confidently care for your newest arrival,
while we care for your programs

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Give yourself the time you need

Stepping away from your programs for parental leave can be stressful—for the business, you and your customers. Here at Captivate, we’ve experienced this first-hand.

Knowledge Transfer

Captivate will work with you pre-leave to explore your program goals and detailed,  day-to-day administrative requirements.

What’s included:

  • Detailed knowledge transfer survey
  • 1:1 interviews with internal stakeholders to ensure uninterrupted collaboration
  • A Knowledge Transfer Workshop to set expectations and develop a deep understanding of your program
  • Delivery of a Managed Service Operational Plan

Program Management

Our advocacy experts act as an extension of your team to skillfully manage your advocacy programs.

What’s included:

  • Program management and execution of your Managed Service Operational Plan
  • Detailed weekly update email noting:
  • Highlights and Wins
  • Updates and Actions
  • Dependencies and Next Steps
  • Collaborative stakeholder meetings as necessary

Successful Handoff

Settle back in with ease as Captivate provides all the documentation you need to get up to speed, fast.

What’s included:

  • One-hour Welcome Back Workshop to debrief on highlights, performance and project statuses 
  • Delivery of your Welcome Back Report detailing the relevant information to ensure a smooth transition back into the role

Our Advocacy Management for Parental Leave (AMPL) service is designed to ensure all the bases are covered before, during and after you step out to be with your new arrival, allowing you to enjoy this special time in your life as stress-free as possible.

Our team of experienced experts will provide “ample” support for your program initiatives. While you’re away, we’ll work against a clear plan of action to ensure your program doesn’t just maintain, but thrives. And when you return, we’ll ensure a smooth transition by equipping you with all the information necessary to get back up to speed quickly.

Disclaimer: Captivate makes no claims to alleviate sleepless nights, feelings of disorientation, increased noise levels or uncontrollable amounts of baby gear.