CAP Certification Summer Session: Business Impact & Program Execution

Sharpen your competitive edge in customer advocacy alongside your peers with the CAP Certification series this summer!

This special, two-day comprehensive course features Captivate’s proven customer advocacy methodologies and best practices , from creating measurable business impacts to executing world-class advocacy programs. Perfect for both the AdvoCurious and industry professionals looking to elevate their customer advocacy practices . And, because we know schedules are busy, you can opt to take one or both!

What you'll dive into:

Day 1: Business Impact Module

In this module, you’ll delve into how up-leveling your advocacy programs approach in the following three key indicators of advocacy practice maturity can directly benefit your business:

  • Advocacy Outcomes: There are outcomes for advocates, and outcomes for the business. Both are equally important. Learning how to identify and report that value back into the organization is more important than ever for customer marketers looking to prove the power of advocacy
  • Advocate Program or Portfolio Brand: Your advocacy brand is how your members perceive your program. Is your program elite or inclusive? Innovative or informative? Your program brand identity - both visually and in messaging - should reflect back to your members who they aspire to be in their association with your company.
  • Internal Alignment: The more awareness there is about customer advocacy and the potential it holds for your colleagues and your business, the better. Learn how to proactively identify and report on cross-departmental program goals until your program profile grows and coworkers from across the business are knocking on your door.

Day 2: Program Execution Module

This module is all about exploring foundational strategies for building or enhancing your advocacy program, focusing on enhancing program operations across three key indicators of advocacy maturity: 

  • Budget: An essential element of operational excellence is your budget. What you spend vs the value you drive for the business provides a framework for tracking and evaluating the impact of your program, and helps you make. better decisions about how, when and where to allocate resources and best manage your program.
  • Technology: From existing tools and channels to dedicated platforms, there are many different combinations of technologies that can be used to support a customer advocacy program or portfolio. We’ll discuss how the tools you use can - and should - be put in place to support your overall advocacy strategy. Ultimately, decisions about tools must take into account where and how often your customers prefer to interact with your company.
  • Resourcing: Should you have one part-time employee or a global team of several advocacy professionals? It’s a common question. The answer? Resourcing and business value go hand-in-hand; the headcount needed to support an advocacy program or portfolio has a direct correlation to the outcomes advocacy can drive for the business.

How you'll learn:

In this live, virtual workshop series, we’ll hone in on one module each day, with three areas of alignment for each module.  Register for one day or both, but of course we’ll be offering a discount for two-day registrations 😉

Below is the anticipated schedule for each module:

How you'll benefit from this course and certification:

There is no shortage of educational options in the contemporary CMA space. A variety of free and paid options, offered by software companies, individuals, and agencies present practitioners with more choice today than ever before.

What makes the CAP Cert program worth the investment of your Learning and Development dollars?  

  • Live  💻 - All sessions are synchronous, including virtual events, and include audience interaction and Q&A segments. The CAP Cert is never pre-recorded, and the content is not self-guided. This is live, cohort-style learning, regularly updated for the most current best practices.
  • Practical  ☝️- The cornerstones of a CAP Cert are actionable learning and contemporary and fresh real-world examples. Attendees leave with insights and supporting assets that enable and empower them to take immediate action in their own practice.
  • Vetted  🎯 - CAP Cert instructors are industry-vetted experts. A prerequisite to lead a session is real-world experience in the topic being discussed, and the ability to lean into a rich history of experience and contribution to the practice.

As the world of customer marketing and advocacy continues to evolve and B2B programs become commonplace, this certification course helps practitioners stay ahead of the game with the latest strategies and best practices. You’ll leave equipped with the knowledge to significantly impact your career and your organization.

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About the CAP Certification series:

The Customer Advocacy in Practice (CAP) Workshop & Certification series by Captivate Collective is designed to advance your understanding and application of customer advocacy within the B2B space. As organizations increasingly seek to link advocate experiences with tangible business outcomes, this certification provides essential, innovative insights into developing standout customer engagement practices.

Whether you’re just getting started with customer advocacy, or charting a course for where to take your more mature practice, this certification series provides practitioners of all experience levels with actionable ideas, real-world examples and expert insights to take your program or portfolio to the next level. Built on our Customer Advocacy Maturity Model framework, the CAP Certification series features three distinct learning modules:

         ✅ Business Impact

         ✅ Program Execution

         ✅ Advocate Experience